Mapping Extreme Mass Loss from Massive Stars with Fermi and the VLA

  • Margutti, Raffaella (PD/PI)

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Building on the GeV detection of SN iPTF14hls at d=150 Mpc, we propose a systematic search for GeV emission from nearby (d< 150 Mpc) SN shocks interacting with a dense environment. GeV emission is predicted to originate as the SN ejecta crash into dense shells of material previously ejected by the progenitor star. We capitalize on Fermi/LAT and VLA observations with three goals: (i) Test the supernova shock breakout through a dense wind model using GeV observations. (ii) Constrain the cosmic rays acceleration at shocks formed by the collision between the SN ejecta and the CSM shell. (iii) Deliver the first predictions of the neutrino emission associated to ordinary interacting SNe and super-luminous SNe. This study opens up a new window of investigation on the most extreme mass-loss
Effective start/end date9/19/199/18/21


  • NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (80NSSC19K1715)


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