MASTER: Multiscale and data-driven modeling platform development with applications in advanced material simulation

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Advanced material and simulation technologies, coupled with global partnerships are key to maintaining global engineering and manufacturing competitiveness. The Global Collaboratory of Advanced Material Systems and Simulations has expressed considerable interest in forming a strategic research agreement to develop tools and applications for the analysis and utilization of advanced materials for the design of new products for the rest of this century and beyond. This includes materials such as advanced high strength steels, light-weight alloys, and high-performance polymer matrix composites materials. Among many others. These materials are increasingly being used in high-performance, lightweight designs for applications such as air, sea and land vehicles. Achieving this vision will require a multi-tiered and multiscale approach in which the material is characterized through detailed testing and modeled in a multiscale method. We propose to develop a multiscale platform to enable this.
Effective start/end date12/1/178/31/19


  • Beijing Institute of Collaborative Innovation (Agmt 12/13/2017)


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