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    The Master of Science in Law (“MSL”) at Northwestern Law School is a unique new degree program that is designed to teach STEM-trained students about the legal, business, and regulatory aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship. A cornerstone of the MSL program is the Entrepreneurship Lab, an interdisciplinary course that weaves together law, business, medicine, and engineering as it teaches students about moving a life science technology product (medical device or healthcare IT solution) through the innovation lifecycle. Students apply substantive learning into an experiential setting, furthering the “in context” learning philosophy of the MSL.

    The Entrepreneurship Lab’s instructor, Jonathan Gunn, holds a PhD in Biomaterials Engineering and Nanotechnology, and a JD. He is the Chief Technology Officer of Briteseed, a biomedical diagnostics company that began as a project in Northwestern’s NUvention Medical Innovation class, a model for the Entrepreneurship Lab. Briteseed was recognized as one of Chicago’s ten up-and-coming companies at the 2012 Chicago Innovation Awards. Jonathan knows first-hand what can be accomplished when students have the opportunity to apply substantive knowledge to a real-world environment.
    The objectives of the Entrepreneurship Lab are:
    • To equip STEM professionals with the interdisciplinary skills necessary to shepherd a project through the innovation process;
    • To convey information about essential topics that are often overlooked and which can be obstacles to the innovation process;
    • To create a minimal viable product or soft proof of concept that can be pursued further after the course’s completion by leveraging the entrepreneurial ecosystem at Northwestern University and beyond.
    Effective start/end date8/1/1512/31/18


    • National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance, Inc. (13490-15)


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