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The goal of the Mayo Clinic CTSA application is to present our vision for the integration and expansion of ourinnovative clinical and translational research activities, so that a highly functional academic home for clinicaland translational research is developed at the Mayo Clinic. This new Center for Clinical and TranslationalResearch (CCTR) will be founded on Mayo's long-standing excellence in and commitment to clinical andtranslational research, which includes the support of key infrastructure and a commitment to careerdevelopment. To achieve this goal we describe a comprehensive approach to the key elements of the CTSARFA and focus on enhancing: 1) Clinical Research Core Resources that provide innovative tools toinvestigators;2) Career Development and Education Programs that prepare the next generation ofinvestigators;3) Compliance and Regulatory Affairs Support that ensures patient safety and privacy, andcustomer service-oriented approaches to support investigative teams;4) Community Affairs support toenhance participation, diversity and community support for clinical and translational research;5)Collaboration with Industry and Clinical Practices to translate research discoveries into routine clinicalpractice;and 6) Continued and Expanded Institutional Support that includes an "academic home" forclinical and translational research. We also propose a consolidated governance plan that incorporates strongdata-driven evaluation of each CCTR element and the program as a whole. In principle, the CTSA programis consistent with the historical, conceptual and philosophical underpinnings of Mayo Clinic, and in thisapplication we clearly articulate our vision of how the overarching and transformative goals of the CTSAprogram can be met at Mayo. Additionally, we have the "institutional will" and are culturally empowered toexecute our plan. Thus, Mayo is ready to implement the CTSA program aggressively and rapidly;the MayoClinic CCTR will be a highly functional and successful "flagship" site for the CTSA program as it emergesfrom the NIH Roadmap.To summarize, the Mayo Clinic Center for Clinical and Translational Research (CCTR) will bringtogether all the resources of the five schools within the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, and more than 100years of scientific and medical research expertise, to discover innovative new methods that will speed thetranslation of research results into therapies, tools and patient care practices that impact all members of ourlocal and national communities. This vision is entirely consistent with the stated mission of the Mayo Clinic toprovide the best care to every patient every day through integrated clinical practice, education and research.
Effective start/end date1/1/1112/31/11


  • Mayo Clinic (agrmnt 3/17/11 // 3UL1RR024150-05S1)
  • National Center for Research Resources (agrmnt 3/17/11 // 3UL1RR024150-05S1)


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