Measuring Competency for the Interpretation of Esophageal Manometry

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Project Summary: Esophageal manometry is an important and commonly utilized diagnostic tool to manage swallowing disorders. Unfortunately, physicians are inadequately trained to accurately interpret manometry in clinical practice. This inaccurate interpretation negatively impacts patient care and outcomes. The objective of our research proposal is to devise and utilize a method to measure physician competency for interpreting esophageal manometry. This work addresses an urgent unmet healthcare need and will substantially improve
physician accountability and patient outcomes. These results will support future research proposals aiming to implement a nationwide competency assessment tool and certification process.
This project echoes the mission & objectives of this grant’s initiative: Our proposal offers a novel approach to fill a critical gap in healthcare. This work aims to improve quality of care and reduce health care waste. In line with our prior work in esophageal manometry, this research proposal supports Northwestern’s vision as a leader in the delivery of quality health care. In addition, support of this grant proposal will help springboard the principal investigator, a junior investigator with a research interest in health care quality and delivery, to pursuing future research and grant proposals.
Effective start/end date9/1/168/31/19


  • Northwestern Memorial Hospital (Agmt Signed 09/01/16)


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