Mechanical determinants of organ-selective metastatic colonization, dormancy and outgrowth

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The central objective of the Genomic and Chromatin Analysis Core (GCC) at Northwestern University is to provide data to the Projects that will link the transcriptional alterations with the short- and long-term survival of tumor cells, their metastatic potential, and the induction of dormancy. GCC will leverage the in vivo and in vitro model systems developed in the Projects to identify transcriptional and chromatin alterations induced by the mechanical stressors during tumor cell migration. We’ll be responsible for chromatin imaging, and genome mapping, and for identifying both short-term and long-term changes in global transcriptional patterns and chromatin conformation.
Effective start/end date9/17/218/31/22


  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (4560701//U54CA261694/S5594 PO#709222)
  • National Cancer Institute (4560701//U54CA261694/S5594 PO#709222)


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