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We are applying for a four-month bridge grant of approximately $100,000 that would stretch from the end of December 2016, when our current grant expires, through April 2017 to fit into McCormick’s revised funding schedule. The reason for the bridge grant is that the core of the work of the Social Justice New Nexus [SJNN] progresses in thematic reporting cycles that run from fall through spring, in line more or less with Northwestern’s fall and winter quarters. During those seven months, we select our SJNN professional journalism fellows and connect them with MSJ students for a series of bimonthly, topic-specific workshops, we work with community groups, experts and activists to define the issues and the trigger points, and we produced and co-publish the stories.
Effective start/end date1/1/1712/31/17


  • Robert R. McCormick Tribune Foundation (Letter 2/23/16)


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