Melanoma Early Detection RCT with Smartphones, Cognitive Computing & Family Social Support

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Dr. Robinson will serve as a co-investigator (PI at the Northwestern University) and provide guidance on design issues, measurement, qualitative research including framing presentation of the risk of developing melanoma and benefits of performing skin self-examination (SSE) with melanoma patients and their first-degree relatives. In the first six months, Dr. Robinson and her staff will validate her existing SSE measures with first-degree relatives in a test, re-test process with 60 individuals. She will also conduct a randomized-controlled trial with melanoma patients and their first-degree relatives to evaluate the effectiveness of the program to enhance early detection of melanoma in this at-risk group. The RCT with 400 melanoma patients and 400 of their first-degree relatives will include four self-reported measurements of knowledge, attitudes, and performance of SSE. Subjects will have images of moles evaluated by Dr. June Robinson. Subject reimbursement will be provided by Eviderma staff.
Effective start/end date1/20/171/19/19


  • Vignet Inc. (HHSN261201700003C)
  • National Cancer Institute (HHSN261201700003C)


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