Metabolic perturbations in conventional dendritic cells modulate Tfh13 induction in asthmatic sensitization

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The first aim, Aim 1.2-1.4 focuses on the effector changes in cDC2s that induce Tfh13s. Dr. Martin has a drug that in a DC specific manner, reverses Tfh13 polarization by altering cDC2 metabolism. In this aim, they will utilize this drug as a tool to understand amount of antigen presentation, the specific co-stimulatory molecules, cytokines, and transcriptional changes that cDC2s illicit to specifically polarize Tfh13s. Dr. Eisenbarth will provide expertise in Tfh13s to help guide them in interpretation of the data, careful examination of the RNAseq after initial analysis, help with troubleshooting.
Effective start/end date12/25/2211/30/27


  • Virginia Commonwealth University (FP00017337_SA001//1R01HL162991-01A1)
  • National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (FP00017337_SA001//1R01HL162991-01A1)


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