Metabolic Signatures, Estrogen and Breast Cancers

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Access to Care: The Access to Care Program run by Erie Family Health Center and Northwestern Memorial Hospital has continued to make great strides in increasing breast cancer screening rates among Erie patients, who are primarily Hispanic, and working to provide diagnosis and treatment at an earlier stage to those who have breast cancer. We continue to improve the multimedia educational tool and make progress on the design, implementation, and evaluation of the program to provide Erie's patients with additional information about mammography and breast cancer. As a lead agency for the Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Program, Erie also provides additional uninsured women with breast and cervical cancer screening. Research Project Aims PROJECT 1: A Pilot study of time restricted feeding in obese/overweight pre & postmenopausal women: We have two major goals: (1) to determine if a pilot study of a novel NI (tRD) is feasible and acceptable to women; (2) to use this pilot study as a vehicle to investigate the effects of a tRD on the systemic endocrine and local breast environment. PROJECT 2: Therapeutic intervention of SIRT3 driven luminal B tumors with SOD mimetics (GS4419) Specific Aim one: Determine whether agents that scavenge or decrease cellular ROS, specifically the MnSOD mimetic GS4199, reverses the in vitro (tissue culture) transformation permissive phenotype observed in primary MEFs lacking Sirt3. Specific Aim 2: Determine if there is a pathological, histological, and/or other IHC breast tumor biomarkers identify a specific subgroup of breast cancers that exhibit a SIRT3 driven ER+ molecular biomarker signature. with those PROJECT 3:Metabolic Signature, Estrogen, and Breast Cancer Specific Aim 1: To determine whether overweight or obese women display a breast tissue metabolic and hormonal profile associated with a higher breast cancer risk. Future Aim: To assess whether elevated aromatase activity in the breast tissue of overweight/obese women is reduced by metformin-stimulated AMPK signaling.
Effective start/end date10/1/139/30/16


  • Avon Products Foundation, Inc. (01-2012-026)


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