Methods to Improve Clinical Trials for A-T

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The scope of work performed at Northwestern University (NU) will involve the biochemical and computational analysis of peripheral blood mononuclear cells from de-identified study participants proposed in this application. NU will receive cell lysates prepared according to our established protocols on dry ice from Johns Hopkins University or the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. NU will perform transcriptional profiling with RNA sequencing and DNA methylation profiling with modified reduced representation bisulfite sequencing. Computational and bioinformatics analysis of transcriptional and DNA methylation profiling data will be performed on NU’s high-performance computing cluster (Quest) using the dedicated genomics nodes. Raw and processed data will be transferred to the PIs at Johns Hopkins University and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for synthesis and backup.
Effective start/end date9/15/228/31/26


  • Johns Hopkins University (2005729193 AMD 1 // 1R01FD007605-01)
  • Food and Drug Administration (2005729193 AMD 1 // 1R01FD007605-01)


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