Methods to Protect Privacy in State Longitudinal Data Systems Research Files

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The PI (Hedges) will provide overall intellectual leadership of this project, supervise the Northwestern University research associate, and will lead the Northwestern research group.
The Northwestern research group will assist in the development of multiple imputation methodology. They will also perform statistical analyses of the protected datasets which will be compared to corresponding analyses of the complete datasets carried out by NORC. They will work with NORC to determine how well the results of these analyses agree. The Northwestern team will also analyze the protected datasets developed at NORC to attempt to identify particular individuals as a check on disclosure protection (confidentiality) in the protected datasets. They will also assist in preparation of the reports for states and the development of the website.
Effective start/end date8/15/147/31/19


  • University of Chicago, National Opinion Research Center (5968-NU//DGE-1437953)
  • National Science Foundation (5968-NU//DGE-1437953)


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