Metropolitan Nonprofit Merger Research Project

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GOALS: a. To provide foundations with a better understanding of how nonprofits have used merger strategies and what they have accomplished. We will examine what types of nonprofits were successful, their missions, budget sizes, the resources they used, their process, and other useful information. b. To identify specific ways foundations, intermediaries, service providers, and government agencies could better support the use of merger strategies in the nonprofit sector. We will develop specific tools, surveys, templates, and funding that organizations could use to consider appropriate merger strategies, and we will identify how foundations and others can best help nonprofits to successfully complete the merger process. c. To raise awareness and to educate nonprofits and foundations about strategies for successful mergers. d. To determine how to increase the number of appropriate, strategic, successful mergers and other types of restructuring arrangements occurring in the Chicago metropolitan nonprofit sector.
Effective start/end date9/1/152/28/17


  • Chicago Foundation for Women (Agmt 10/21/15)


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