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Microeconomic Insights was started in January 2016 and has been highly successful in disseminating the insights of the very best research in microeconomics, irrespective of its political or ideological viewpoint, to the wider policy community. The aim is to select the very best recent research papers by academic economists which either improves the foundations for economic policy-making or helps us understand how economics interacts with the environment we live in. The site is run by a high-level academic editorial committee, listed in the full proposal. The committee works with the authors to write a short 1,500-2,000 non-technical blog post that summarize the key insights for a public policy audience. The resulting articles are disseminated through a dedicated Microeconomic Insights blog, twitter links, facebook postings and a dedicated distribution email list.
Effective start/end date6/1/205/31/21


  • Smith Richardson Foundation (SRF grant #2020-2293)


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