Microstructure Evolution in Freeze-Cast Materials

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Freeze-casting is a novel technique that utilizes ice as a fugitive space holder to fabricate a diverse variety of materials exhibiting elongated, aligned pores. Experimental studies in microgravity inherently simplify the freeze-casting system by minimizing gravityinduced forces that contribute to its complexity; e.g. sedimentation, buoyancy, and natural convection. Freeze-casting has the potential to produce porous products with specific microstructure including net- and complex-shaped products, provided solidification conditions are properly controlled. Moreover, freeze-casting holds significant promise as an in situ resource utilization technique for space-based materials processing, thus increasing the reliability and safety of access to space while also decreasing overall costs. An improvement in scientific knowledge entails robust and predictive control of materials for a wide variety of applications, thus enabling optimized fabrication on Earth, on planetary surfaces (Moon and Mars), and in orbit.
Effective start/end date11/6/1711/5/23


  • NASA George C. Marshall Space Flight Center (80NSSC18K0196-P00012)


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