Mid-Infrared Emitting Semiconductor Nanocrystals

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We will first prepare and characterize size controlled loSb nanocrystals with several different surface ligands so as to characterize energy gap with particle size and detennine ligand impacts on photoluminescence quantum yield. Similarly, we will investigate the ternary system InAsl_xSb" so as to detennine the potential benefits/detriments of this approach. Characterizations will include transmission electron microscopy, absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy, and quantum yield detenninations. Transient absorption characterizations may be perfonned in order to examine dynamical processes within the particles that may compete with photoluminescence processes (e.g. electron trapping). Synthetic routes to these materials and characterizations will be presented in our Progress Report (first deliverable). Samples of promising materials will be sent to Israel (second deliverable). Our final report will summarize the work undertaken, results obtained, convey our understanding of these material systems for use as mid-infrared photoluminescent materials, and will describe hypotheses as to any observed limitations with regard to material photoluminescence perfonnance, stability, chemical yield, or energy gap tunability.
Effective start/end date9/1/158/31/16


  • Government of Israel Ministry of Defense Mission to the U.S.A. (4440685940)


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