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Overview: This is a proposal for participant support for a regional conference series in algebraic topology. The Midwest Topology Seminar has been meeting three times a year since at least the early 1970s, with at least one of the yearly meetings held in Chicago, the hub of the network. Algebraic topology has always been broadly construed to include homotopy theory, algebraic K-theory, geometric group theory, and high dimensional manifolds; more recently the series has explored connections to algebraic geometry, representation theory, number theory, low dimensional manifolds, and mathematical physics.
Intellectual Merit: Algebraic topology has grown considerably in breadth and impact in the past few years. There are new directions, such as derived algebraic geometry, new tools, such as factorization homology for manifolds, and new uses for established techniques, such as the renaissance of equivariant stable homotopy theory. The Midwest Topology Seminar is a long-standing, reliable, low-key, and low-cost way of keeping up with the field. The Midwest is a traditional and continuing center of algebraic topology; hence there is a strong source of local speakers. Programs are then augmented with featured speakers from around the country. A secondary impact is data: the PIs have collected detailed registration information since 2011, providing a broad picture of who has attended these seminars. Participation has tended heavily towards graduate students, postdocs, and other early career mathematicians.
Broader Impacts: This kind of support is vital for building a vibrant community of research mathematicians and for optimizing the distribution of new ideas through the field, especially among early career research mathematicians and mathematicians away from the traditional centers of research. The audiences are always large and diversified, drawing everyone from graduate students to professors emeriti. The large graduate student participation is especially important. The Midwest Topology Seminar serves a large range of institutions throughout the Midwest, from Ohio to Kansas and from Kentucky to Minnesota. In this way, the MTS serves as a thrice yearly nexus for the larger community of topologists in the central United States. There is a long tradition of featuring early career mathematicians and the speaker list has been further diversified in the last few years, providing an important platform for mathematicians at critical stages in their careers.
Effective start/end date9/15/178/31/21


  • National Science Foundation (DMS-1747457)

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