Minimally Invasive Surgery plus rt-PA for ICH Evacuation

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The purpose of this trial is to determine the efficacy of using a combination of minimally invasive surgery and clot lysis with rt-PA to remove ICH. The procedure is to use image-based surgery (MRI or CT) to provide catheter access to ICH for the intervention, which is clot aspiration followed by instillation of up to 9 doses of rt-PA. We propose to test if this intervention facilitates more rapid and complete recovery of function and decreased mortality from this condition compared to conventional medical management without subjecting the patient to craniotomy. The specific objective of this trial is to test the efficacy and safety of this intervention and assess its ability to remove blood clot from brain tissue.
Effective start/end date9/15/131/31/18


  • Johns Hopkins University (2001995429//1U01NS080824-01A1)
  • National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (2001995429//1U01NS080824-01A1)


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