Mining genomic data to develop novel therapeutics for systemic sclerosis

  • Hinchcliff, Monique E (PD/PI)

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Our overall hypothesis is that SSc results from an aberrant immune response generated as a result of an environmental trigger in the context of genetic risk factors. We believe the progressive of disease we know as SSc progresses through multiple molecular “states”, which are represented by our recently discovered gene expression subsets (2-4), which result in the human disease. Targeting the correct patient with the right drug at each molecular state is key and we have developed diagnostic strategies for this purpose; we now must develop drugs for each of these states, such as the inflammatory stage and late stage fibrosis.
Effective start/end date11/30/1411/30/15


  • Dartmouth College (1647 // Agr. 11/24/2014)
  • Dr. Ralph and Marian Falk Medical Research Trust (1647 // Agr. 11/24/2014)


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