Mobil-Wise: Mobile Phone Remote Coaching After Worksite Joint ADventure Exposure

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The personnel at Northwestern University will • provide intellectual input to the design and execution of the remote coaching intervention • construct and maintain the API interface between the Fitbit device and the mobile phone used in the intervention, as well as the construction of the remote coach dashboard to be used in study administration, intervention delivery, and participant usage and pattern monitoring • develop the remote coaching protocol • be responsible for training and supervising the remote coaches. • serve as the main liaison with the technologist (TBD) who will be creating the Fitbit One API Interface. • conduct Motivational Interviewing with participants at the study launch to establish short term goals • provide statistical analysis, including overseeing the data management process, assurance of data entry and data analysis, evaluation and interpretation of results, and preparation of all resulting manuscripts • transform accelerometry data into estimates of physical activity (average accelerometer counts/day and number of minutes of physical activity spent in sleep, light, moderate and vigorous physical activity for comparison with data downloaded from the Fitbit device. • participate in the interpretation of Mobil Wise data related to the ‘Supportive Accountability’ model upon which the intervention is based, during the analysis, synthesis and dissemination of study findings.
Effective start/end date9/1/147/31/17


  • Rush University Medical Center (Agmt 4/24/15 // 1R21AR065054-01A1)
  • National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (Agmt 4/24/15 // 1R21AR065054-01A1)


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