Modeling Mechanisms of Microbial Succession in the Built Environment

  • Thomas, Paul Martin (PD/PI)

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Dr. Paul Thomas at Northwestern University will be responsible for overseeing the metabolomic analysis using their core facility. They will receive samples from Co-PI Stephens at IIT, and process these samples to generate raw data using LC-MS. Briefly, Co-PI Stephens will perform a simple organic solvent-based extraction on samples after collected to preserve the metabolome. Samples will be lyophilized and shipped on ice to Northwestern University where they will be resuspended and injected onto a C18aq UPLC-MS column and eluted into a Q-Exactive mass spectrometer where high mass accuracy (<2ppm) intact (MS1) data and fragmentation (MS2) data will be collected for metabolites over a 30 minute water/acetonitrile gradient. Raw data will be preprocessed and metabolite components will be detected/quantified using Thermo’s SIEVE algorithm and/or XCMS. These data will be sent to Co-PI Henry at Chicago for further data analysis and interpretation. Dr. Thomas will work with Dr. Henry and others to develop a database to integrate these data into a format that can be published in public repositories, and published in manuscripts and reports. He will help to develop manuscripts and reports to disseminate progress, write blog posts on progress for social media, and take part in interviews and workshops as part of the program of study. We are requesting $37,772 for Northwestern University with Dr. Paul Thomas to provide 0.97 calendar months of effort to oversee and implement metabolite analysis for the program. The University of Chicago will be billed for the costs for metabolomics analysis (instrument time/supplies) at our cost-study approved rate. As Northwestern University and the University of Chicago are signatories to the Chicago Biomedical Consortium Open Access Initiative, all analyses will be performed at the internal subsidized rate.
Effective start/end date6/1/1511/30/18


  • The University of Chicago (FP060393-B//G-2015-13936)
  • Alfred P. Sloan Foundation (FP060393-B//G-2015-13936)


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