Molecular basis of altered drug metabolism during pregnancy

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A manual of operating procedures (MOP) will be developed to ensure regulatory compliance, policy development, record-keeping practices, and coordinated oversight of recruitment, management of subject data across projects and human subjects issues. Northwestern will provide monthly updates to Dr. Jeong regarding the number of subjects enrolled and samples collected as well as any issues with data or specimen collection. Northwestern will be responsible for biospecimen tracking and storage. When requested by Dr. Jeong, Northwestern will ship biological samples to UIC and the University of Washington. Northwestern will send data exports at Dr. Jeong’s request. Northwestern, in collaboration with UIC, will analyze the data at the end of the study period. Northwestern investigators will participate in manuscript development and presentation of the study results. The financial resources and personnel required to execute this work are detailed in the budget and corresponding budget justification. The grants administrators at both institutions have worked to create the budgets for this application and will confer as needed across the course of the project.
Effective start/end date4/27/216/30/22


  • Purdue University (11001136-002//7R01HD089455-05)
  • National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (11001136-002//7R01HD089455-05)


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