Molecular Determinants of Hypertensive HFpEF: Genomics, Transcriptomics, and Proteomics

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In this proposal we aim to answer the following question posed by the AHA CVGPS RFA: What are the genomic, phenotypic, and proteomic aspects of hypertension with HFpEF, vs. hypertension without heart failure? Are there race/ethnicity-based differences in the genomic, phenotypic and proteomic markers of HFpEF? Aim 1. Using a combination of GWAS, WES, and iPS-cardiomyocyte gene expression (eQTL) analyses, elucidate genomic determinants of myocardial HFpEF substrate in hypertensive individuals. Aim 2. Determine proteomic differences among hypertensive individuals with vs. without HFpEF using the SomaLogic SOMAscan platform. Aim 3. Integrate results from genomics/transcriptomics and proteomics analyses to identify molecular pathways that result in HFpEF in the setting of hypertension.
Effective start/end date12/1/1511/30/16


  • American Heart Association (15CVGPSD27260148)


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