Mothers and Babies in Qatar

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The proposed National Priorities Research Program (NPRP) application will examine the feasibility, acceptability, and preliminary outcomes associated with integrating an evidence-based postpartum depression intervention—Mothers and Babies (MB)—into perinatal care services for women in Doha, Qatar. MB has demonstrated efficacy in reducing depressive symptoms and perceived stress and preventing the onset of major depression via a series of four randomized controlled trials. For the current project, the 1-on-1 modality of MB will be used, which consists of 12 sessions that each last between 15-20 minutes. Text messages are sent between sessions that reinforce key content and promote practice of MB skills. MB has already been translated into Arabic and has been used with English- and Arabic-speaking women in the United States.
Effective start/end date6/2/196/2/23


  • Sidra Medical and Research Center (NPRP11S-0121-180354)
  • Qatar National Research Fund (NPRP11S-0121-180354)


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