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Scope of Work: This collaboration will include services provided by Northwestern University’s Mothers and Babies Research Team, part of the Institute for Public Health and Medicine, including members of our team: Darius Tandon, PhD, Erin Ward, MSW, and Jaime Hamil, MPH, over the course of 12 months. Deliverables are as follows: Train the Trainer Training • Planning calls with leadership. The Mothers & Babies team will help to scale the intervention within the State of Georgia’s home visiting network, aligned with leadership goals. To that end, we will participate in planning calls prior to the training, as well as during implementation and sustainment phases of this collaboration, to maximize effective state-wide scaling and sustainability. • Virtual training for 40 Georgia Home Visiting and maternal and child health program managers and staff who provide training and supervision to 13 home visiting programs. Training will consist of a 3-session series of live webinars lasting 3 hours each. An additional hour will be dedicated to trainer training, for home visiting program managers and supervisors, clinicians and consultants who work with home visiting programs, in order to help build and sustain MB training capacity in the State of Georgia. A virtual refresher training will be offered in the 4th quarter (via 1-2 hour webinar). • Phone/video supervision to support MB implementation for 6-9 months post-training. Following training, monthly phone/video consultation will be provided over 6-9 months for trainers and supervisors as they implement Mothers & Babies training, supervision, and implementation with their staff and other programs. Monthly topic-focused MB consultation webinars will be offered for Georgia home visiting staff and supervisors to support intervention implementation. • Phone/video sessions to support MB sustainment. After the 6-9 monthly supervision calls, a minimum of 2 additional calls will be scheduled to discuss logistics related to sustaining MB. These additional calls have proven to be essential in ensuring ongoing delivery of MB with high fidelity, as well as long-term sustainment of the MB intervention. • Coordination of evaluation activities. To monitor the quality of MB training and technical assistance, two short surveys will be conducted. The first survey (5 minutes) is conducted immediately after training to assess perceptions of the training. The second survey (15-20 minutes) is sent via email 6 months post- training and asks questions about MB adoption, fidelity, and adaptation. The Northwestern Research Team will handle all logistics for these brief evaluations. Results from evaluation activities will be shared with leadership to inform implementation and sustainment of the Mothers and Babies intervention.
Effective start/end date8/1/207/31/21


  • University of Georgia (TANDON AGMT 11/4/20)


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