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Scope of Work: This collaboration will include services provided by Northwestern University’s Mothers and Babies Research Team, part of the Institute for Public Health and Medicine, including Darius Tandon, PhD, Erin Ward, MSW, and Jaime Hamil, MPH, over the course of 12 months. Additional training and consultation support will be provided by Laura Campbell, MBA, MPH, from Oregon Health & Science University, Community Research Hub. Deliverables are as follows: 1) Planning phone calls with leadership. The Mothers & Babies and OHSU teams will participate in planning calls with the Early Learning Hub of Central Oregon, Jefferson County Public Health, and other regional leadership in the tri-county area to design the training, implementation, and consultation plans, aligned with leadership and organization goals. 2) On-site training. Erin Ward and Laura Campbell will provide on-site training for up to 60 staff and supervisors from 12 agencies in Jefferson, Deschutes, and Crook Counties and the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, who provide services to perinatal women. Training will last 2 days, and will include direct service staff and supervisors. If additional localized training is needed for the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, this scope of work and budget will be revised to include such training. 3) Phone/video supervision to support MB implementation in the first 6 months post-training. Following training, the Northwestern Mothers & Babies team will provide phone/video consultation over 6 months (or for 6 meetings) for providers as they implement Mothers & Babies for the first time with a few clients. These consultation calls will be grouped according to organization preferences (e.g. small groups, separate calls for managers/staff). 4) Regional implementation coordination. Following training, for approximately 6 months, the OHSU Community Research Hub will coordinate regional collaborations for implementing Mothers & Babies. Agencies who may not have full capacity to implement MB groups on their own have expressed the desire to collaborate with other agencies in their counties to provide MB groups regionally. Tailored support from OHSU for these interagency collaborations may include hosting meetings, scheduling MB groups and facilitators, helping with MB group enrollment, coordinating logistics such as locations, transportation, childcare, refreshments, etc. In addition, the OHSU will provide ongoing implementation consultation for all agencies. As an experienced MB project coordinator and the OHSU Central Oregon Community Liaison, Laura Campbell will provide a local context to program development. This consultation will be tailored to current needs of the community and may include visiting implementing sites, assisting with data collection, bridging communication between the Central Oregon Community and the Chicago-based Mothers and Babies team, and supporting training, implementation, and evaluation as needed by agencies. 5) Phone/video sessions to support MB sustainment. After the 6 monthly supervision calls, 2 additional calls will be scheduled to discuss logistics related to sustaining MB. These additional calls have proven to be essential in ensuring ongoing delivery of MB with high fidelity. 6) Coordination of evaluation activities. To monitor the quality of MB training and technical assistance, two short surveys will be conducted. The first survey (5 minutes) is conducted immediately after training to assess perceptions of the training. The second survey (15-20 minutes) is sent via email 6 months post-tr
Effective start/end date6/15/197/31/20


  • High Desert Education Service District (Agmt 7/22/19)


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