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A core and long-term focus of N3 is to work with a variety of organizations to develop ways that integrate network science into gun violence reduction, prevention, and treatment efforts such as street outreach work, trauma intervention, and police-community initiatives. N3 is currently working with the City of Chicago and dozens of other stakeholders to integrate these methods into on-going and emerging violence prevention and police reform efforts. N3’s work continues to be guided by four principles: 1) advancing engaged science and policy research; 2) translating research into action; 3) building networked partnerships through the advancement of research efforts that are integrated with community and organizational partnerships throughout the design, research, and implementation process; and 4) training the next generation of scholars, scientists, faculty, and citizen scientists. N3 is currently focused on three primary research areas that seek to leverage social network analytics to reduce gun violence and improve public safety in Chicago: (1) Street Outreach: N3 is evaluating several community-based street outreach efforts to measure the impact of the programs on reducing gun violence among individual program participants and within neighborhoods on the south and west sides of Chicago. N3 is also assessing the victimization status of the network associates of participants to determine possible spillover effects of the programs within groups and social networks. Projects include the evaluation of Chicago CRED, the evaluation of Communities Partnering 4 Peace, and the evaluation of the city’s investments in violence prevention strategies. In addition, in late 2020, N3 launched a major initiative that seeks to leverage the power of network science to develop resources that bolster violence preventionists’ capacity to reach those at the very highest risk of experiencing gun violence. This effort will first be piloted with the FLIP (Flatlining Violence Inspires Peace) strategy in Summer 2021. (2) Evaluation of Alternative Models of Policing: N3 is evaluating the Chicago Neighborhood Policing Initiative, a pilot community policing initiative that hopes to foster increased trust between citizens and police in Chicago. The project focuses on how the program impacts perceptions of satisfaction, public safety, and community-police engagement among community residents and police. A rigorous quantitative evaluation will measure the program’s impact on public safety, crime, police-community engagement, and performance metrics. In addition, N3 has been conducting longitudinal interviews with both the police officers involved as well as members of the community. In May 2021, N3 published a comprehensive report that covers the first two years of CNPI implementation in CPD Districts 15 and 25, as well as the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the events of Summer 2020. (3) Police Misconduct: N3 is leveraging data from the Citizen Police Data Project to investigate the network structure of police misconduct and violence in Chicago. This project will attempt to develop new ways of thinking about—and predicting—police misconduct with an eye towards integrating such information into police reform and training efforts in the city.
Effective start/end date6/14/219/30/22


  • Steans Family Foundation (21-2899)


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