Nanofiber Implants for Spinal Fusion

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To order to deliver peptide amphiphile (PA) solutions containing BMP-2 (bone morphogenetic protein-2) growth factor to the defect site for spinal fusion, the PA/BMP-2 solutions must be combined with an implantable carrier. For successful clinical translation, the carrier loaded with PA/BMP-2 must have acceptable handling properties for orthopedic surgeons. In this study, we will test PA/BMP-2 solutions with carriers comprised of collagen and/or TCP, mixed in different ratios in an in-vivo rat spinal fusion model. We will also test PA and BMP-2 from various GMP sources, since GMP manufacturing is requisite for clinical translation. This requires us to purchase animals for the spinal fusion surgeries, as well as the corresponding medications and housing costs. We are also purchasing service fees for experiments to analyze the rat spines.
Effective start/end date8/1/217/31/23


  • Amphix Bio, Inc. (AGMT 10/7/21)


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