National Patient Community, Caregiver and Advocacy Group Directed Strategies to Lead Comparative Effectiveness Research for Liver Cirrhosis

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In this Tier 1 project we focus on gathering a national representation of stakeholders, to then in a later phase of the project development engage all stakeholders in critical discussions to establish the pertinent questions and pertinent outcomes around this topic. The objectives of the Tier 1 project are:
1) To expand on existing relationships with stakeholders, and build new relationships with stakeholders nationally.
2) To identify additional important stakeholder groups through the Tier 1 process, which have not been identified at the outset of the project
3) To enhance and improve on the existing process of engaging stakeholders and build trusting relationships, such that each stakeholder can meaningfully contribute towards developing the research question and outcomes related to directed strategies to lead comparative effectiveness research for liver cirrhosis at later stages.
4) To create a communication plan that will effectively connect all individuals within stakeholder groups (e.g., patients) and across stakeholder groups (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, webinars, conference calls)
5) To develop a governance structure in form of an advisory board, which includes representatives of every stakeholder group
6) To complete PCORI Awardee training for the core project team and to schedule PCORI Awardee training for the members of the advisory board, which will be assembled at the end of the Tier 1 project
Effective start/end date5/1/152/1/16


  • National Network of Public Health Institutes (#C829 // 3412516)
  • Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (#C829 // 3412516)


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