Nature-Inspired Conjugated Small Molecules and Polymers for Use in Next-Generation Organic Solar Cells

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1.Receive and Purify Baseline Photovoltaic Materials from Texas A&M Qatar 2. Examine Optical and NMR Spectra, then Fabricate Baseline Photovoltaic Devices at Northwestern 3. Perform J-V and External Quantum Efficiency Measurements on Baseline Devices; Compare Refined Data to that in Literature 4. Receive and Purify Gen-1 Photovoltaic Materials from Texas A&M Qatar and University College London
Effective start/end date2/1/156/20/18


  • Texas A&M University System (02-S150221 // NPRP 7-286-1-046)
  • Qatar National Research Fund (02-S150221 // NPRP 7-286-1-046)


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