NCI Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP) Research Bases (UG1)

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Northwestern University’s contributions to the ECOG-ACRIN NCORP Research Base and Cancer Care Delivery Research program are focused on decreasing the burden of cancer. A primary aim is to coalesce an integrated, multi-disciplinary national scientific community that is dedicated to developing and conducting clinical trials and correlative research studies across the continuum of care from prevention, early detection and diagnosis, to cancer control and survivorship with dedicated expertise in cost effectiveness, patient-reported outcomes, healthy equity and disparities, and cancer care delivery research (CCDR). Within CCDR, the overarching priority in ECOG-ACRIN is to advance our understanding of complex interactions between the patient, provider, and system factors that govern care delivery and cancer outcomes, integrating disparities research and multi-institutional, multilevel approaches with special emphasis on 1) care coordination and teams-based care; 2) financial burden of care; 3) health equity and special populations.
Effective start/end date8/15/197/31/24


  • ECOG-ACRIN Medical Research Foundation, Inc. (UG1CA189828-06-NWU1 AMD6 // 5UG1CA189828-010)
  • National Cancer Institute (UG1CA189828-06-NWU1 AMD6 // 5UG1CA189828-010)


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