Networks Underlying Visual Modulation of Speech Perception

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7. Project Summary/Abstract
The proposed research seeks to identify the anatomical and functional networks that support the facilitation of
auditory speech processes by visual information. This research line is built on a novel model describing lowand
high-level multisensory mechanisms that mediate speech perception processes and is evaluated by
anatomical and functional measures of connectivity in typically developing individuals and patients with
epilepsy. These aims will be accomplished through a detailed career development plan outlining my training in
functional measures of connectivity using electroencephalography (EEG), intracranial electrocorticography
(ECoG) in patients with epilepsy, as well as training in rigorous research on speech perception and epilepsy.
This training regiment is supported by a team of respected scientists who together have expertise in each
aspect of my research and career development plans. Drs. Suzuki and Grabowecky have expertise in auditoryvisual
multisensory processes including speech perception. Dr. Paller is an esteemed EEG and MRI
researcher who has an established record of successfully training graduate students and post-doctoral
researchers who advance to tenure-track positions at top Universities. Dr. Leo Towle from the University of
Chicago is an established epilepsy researcher and neurophysiologist who uses intracranial ECoG
measurements to study memory and language processes. Furthermore, each of these mentors has an
excellent track record of administrative and leadership experience: Dr. Grabowecky as former assistant Chair
of the Psychology Department, Dr. Paller as the Director of the Cognitive Neuroscience program, Dr. Towle as
former Chair of Neurology and President of the American Society of Neurophysiologic Monitoring, and Dr.
Suzuki as the Director of the Cognitive Division of the Psychology Department. Training from my mentors will
be supplemented by attending four technique-based workshops, four academic conferences each year, as well
as weekly meetings with each mentor and scholarly meetings at Northwestern University and the University of
Chicago to discuss recent research. The overarching goal for this proposal is to advance my understanding of
multisensory and speech related processes in order to conduct leading health-related research and to obtain a
tenure-track position at a top research university. Supported by a thorough training regiment, this proposed
research will provide a thorough understanding of the mechanisms that support multisensory speech
perception and will provide clinically relevant understanding of multisensory processes as a compensatory
Effective start/end date12/1/148/31/16


  • National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (5K99DC013828-02)


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