Neuroinflammation and autophagy in ALS models

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Project Goal: The goal of the project is to investigate whether inhibition of TRADD offers a therapeutic intervention for ALS. Ozdinler lab has generated UCHL1-eGFP mice, in which the upper motor neurons are genetically labeled with eGFP that is stable and long-lasting and eGFP expression is restricted to the upper motor neurons (UMNs) in the motor cortex, as confirmed by retrograde labeling, molecular marker expression and electrophysiology. Ozdinler lab generated UMN reporter lines of ALS disease model, by crossing UCHL1-eGFP mice with other well-characterized mouse models of ALS, which represent different underlying causes of the disease. For this study, hSOD1G93A, TDP-43A315T, SPASTC448Y, PFNG118V mice and their UMN reporter lines will be used.
Effective start/end date11/17/2111/16/22


  • Nido Biosciences, Inc (AGMT - 11/17/2021)


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