NeuroNex: Communication, Coordination, and Control of Neuromechanical Systems (C3NS)

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We propose an international Network of interdisciplinary research groups (IRGs) consisting of modelers, engineers, and experimentalists to explore the Communication, Coordination, and Control of Neuromechanical Systems (C3NS). C3NS will investigate the foundational question in model genera from three different phyla: adult Drosophila from Arthropoda, adult Aplysia from Mollusca, and small mammals from Chordata. Each IRG will study the control of behavior in which the body interacts with the environment, for example, grasping, feeding, and walking. Investigators will explore how higher level command centers (HLCCs) formulate descending commands to lower level motor centers (LLMCs), how systems of subnetworks accomplish the desired behavior in coordination with the animal’s biomechanics, and then how they report their status back to HLCCs. Examining this question across different organisms while using the same modeling framework will give rise to a bottom-up theory for how the nervous system controls movement, particularly when interacting with the environment.
Effective start/end date9/1/208/31/25


  • Case Western Reserve University (RES515698//DBI-2015317)
  • National Science Foundation (RES515698//DBI-2015317)


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