New Approaches to Retirement Secuirty - Paradigm Project and Paper Series

  • Harris, Ben (PD/PI)

    Project: Research project

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    1. Statement of Work The Consultant will provide the services of Ben Harris, Co-PI, on the two components of the project entitled “New Approaches to Retirement Security” – Paradigm Project and Paper Series. Ben Harris will co-lead an 18-month project on retirement security with a focus on private sector retirement saving options and the regulatory environment impacting potential changes. Mr. Harris will work closely with Brookings’ Senior Fellow, Martin Baily, on all aspects of the project to include: • Identifying key areas where policy recommendations are need • Identifying and recruiting authors who offer diverse viewpoints on how to address the issues • Reviewing, guiding and shaping commissioned papers • Presenting the findings at public events to draw attention to the issues and elevate the policy debate • Promoting the conclusions and recommendations of the work
    Effective start/end date7/1/1811/30/20


    • Brookings Institution (Letter 3/20/19)


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