New Terrain Next Generation Science Teaching Project – Phase 2

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Northwestern University will assist Sacred Heart University in three areas of the New Terrain project: (a) NGSS unit design and enactment; (b) Facilitator Cadre Development (c) support for New Terrain IHE faculty. NGSS Unit design and enactment: Reiser will lead the work to design the overall program to support New Terrain teachers and IHE faculty in developing NGSS-aligned curriculum units. The NU team will help design and implement face-to-face workshops with New Terrain teachers, provide feedback on the curriculum units Facilitator Cadre Development: The NU team will assist in the design and implementation of the training for the Facilitator Cadre, and will supervise the work of Inquirium to support this work. Support for New Terrain IHE Cohort: The NU team will work with the New Terrain IHE faculty to provide guidance on interpreting NGSS and assist the faculty revising their teacher education courses to incorporate NGSS.
Effective start/end date10/1/149/30/15


  • Sacred Heart University (21-62530-FY15 // S366B130007)
  • Department of Education (21-62530-FY15 // S366B130007)


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