New Theoretical and Experimental Methods for Predicting Fundamental Mechanisms of Complex Chemical Processes

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As part of this Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) led by Prof. Donald L. Thompson (University of Missouri-Columbia), the Northwestern University (NU) team will contribute primarily to the development of mathematical and computational approaches for the control of reaction network systems. Specifically, the NU team will work closely with the collaborating institutions on three main projects: 1) Application of recently developed network control techniques to the control, reprogramming, and perturbation propagation in complex reaction networks; 2) Development of new control techniques based on the calculation of minimal action paths to induce transitions between attractors of chemical reaction systems; 3) Extension of control techniques to spatiotemporal reaction networks and to aggregate objective functions. The results of this research will be disseminated through publications in peer-reviewed journals and presentations at scientific meetings. The NU team will consist of Prof. Adilson E. Motter (local co-PI), Dr. Takashi Nishikawa (Research Associate Professor), and a postdoctoral researcher (to be announced). Members of the team will participate in the annual meetings/workshops planned as part of this MURI project.
Effective start/end date7/1/1412/31/19


  • University of Missouri (C00045065-5 // W911NF-14-1-0359)
  • Army Research Office (C00045065-5 // W911NF-14-1-0359)


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