NGSS Sensemakers: Professional Learning Support for Lincoln Public Schools

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Northwestern University’s Next Generation Science Storylines group, PI Brian Reiser, will partner with the Lincoln Public Schools to a cohort of middle and high school teachers in learning to teach NGSS-designed units. This phase (Phase 1) of the project includes the following: NU will design and implement a four-day summer institute, to occur in July 2019. The summer institute will include whole group sessions focused on strategies for teaching with NGSS storyline units, and three breakout sessions focused on teaching particular NGSS units: Thermal Energy (6th grade), Why Don’t Antibiotics Work Like They Used To? (HS Biology), and Chemical Reactions and Energy (HS Chemistry). Each of these three cohorts will include up to 15 teachers selected by Lincoln Public Schools, up to 45 total teachers. All instructional materials for teachers and students will be provided digitally, free of charge, as part of the project. NU will provide materials lists for the three science units teachers will be teaching. Lincoln Public Schools will provide participating teachers with the science equipment necessary for the classroom activities.
Effective start/end date6/1/195/31/20


  • Lincoln Public Schools Inc. (Agmt 6/28/19)


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