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There is a wide range of early developmental assessment or screening instruments. Standardized, reliable assessment instruments (e.g., Bayley Scales of Infant and Toddler Development, Mullen Scales of Early Learning, Brigance Inventory of Early Development, Battelle Developmental Inventory, etc.) allow for direct evaluation of infant/child behaviors but they are time intensive, expensive to purchase, require highly trained personnel for administration, scoring, and interpreting, and often rely on outdated norms. The purpose of the NIH Infant and Toddler Toolbox (aka the “NIH Baby Toolbox” [NBT]) is to develop and nationally norm an easy to administer, score, and interpret infant and toddler assessment inventory of cognition, social functioning, language (receptive and expressive), numeracy, self-regulation, executive function, and motor function for research and clinical use in children between 1- to 42-months of age that will include direct child assessment (preferred measurement), supplemented as needed by parental/legal guardian report. Scope The scope of work for TO4 as stated in the NIH Task Order: “Finalization of All Measures and Collection of Norming Data from All Planned Typically Developing Populations” includes the tasks the NBT Team will perform to identify and establish the requisite resources needed to finalize all measures and collect norming data from all planned typically developing populations: a) draft a Work Plan, b) finalize data file naming convention and format to facilitate final archiving to NIH approved repository, c) obtain IRB approval(s) required to conduct norming and clinical population(s) studies, d) prepare and conduct norming study, e) maintain software and operating system compatibility, f) plan clinical population(s) feasibility, NBT sustainability, and transition to dissemination plan, g) early dissemination planning, h) maintain/continue all oversight and reporting requirements, i) demonstrate and report readiness to move forward to TO5, j) orderly close-out of task order. Successful completion of TO4 will allow us to collect data and commence analyses necessary for establishing normative reference values for NIH Baby Toolbox measures, plan clinical population(s) feasibility, and validity testing.
Effective start/end date9/28/229/27/23


  • National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (75N94019D00005-75N94022F00001)


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