“NIH Toolbox” Design Consulting for Research Domain Criteria Field Test Battery

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NIMH requires expert consultation regarding: 1) the overall concept and development of a comprehensive web-based test battery that emphasizes tasks that engage subjects’ interest; 2) expertise in tasks that utilize item-response theory (IRT) and computer-adaptive testing (CAT) approaches to derive valid data in a short time period; 3) expertise and experience with the tasks used in the NIH Toolbox and other tasks being developed for NIH-directed research, in order to achieve compatibility and common data elements where possible among various NIH projects; 4) expertise in self-report measures that may need to be used where behavioral tasks are not feasible; 5) expertise in developing tasks and measures that are scalable across as broad an age range as possible.
Effective start/end date9/21/1811/20/19


  • National Institute on Drug Abuse (HHSN271201800720P)


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