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As part of the NNCI Coordinating Office award, an Annual Conference will be hosted each year at one of the participating NNCI sites. The Annual Conference is a 2-3 day event for site directors, site staff, partners, external advisory board members, NSF officers and invited guests, Attendees get a chance to meet, discuss issues related to running the network and sites, share technical content, and network with colleagues. The agenda includes site report presentations from all NNCI sites in panel formats, invited speakers, and breakout groups, as well as networking and social opportunities. For year 6, Northwestern University will be hosting the NNCI Annual Conference. These funds are to support that effort.
Effective start/end date4/1/213/31/22


  • Georgia Institute of Technology (AWD-100868-G5//ECCS-1626153)
  • National Science Foundation (AWD-100868-G5//ECCS-1626153)


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