Non invasive Markers of Ovarian Reserve in Patients with BRCA Mutation

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The BRCA Gene mutations genetically predispose carriers to early onset breast and ovarian cancer. These genes are involved in mulitple pathways involved in maintaining genomic integrity. A recent prospective study by Oktay et al. suggestested an association with BRCA mutation and occuly primary ovarian insufficiency. Other studies have not noted any reproductive differences in women with and without the mutation. In this study, we would be utilizing banked serum from patients seen through Northwestern's Ovarian Cancer Early Detection and Prevention Program, along with ultrasound pictures to see if and how this mutation affect known markers of ovarain reserve (AMH and antral follicle count) This is extremely important information to have when couseling women with this mutation about their reproductive future.
Effective start/end date9/1/128/31/15


  • Northwestern Memorial Foundation (Agmt 9/25/12)


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