Northland Foundation Thrive Initiative: Mothers and Babies Pilot Project

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The Northland Foundation’s Thrive Initiative, a statewide project based in Duluth, MN, aims to increase the capacity of community-based organizations that serve young children and their families in supporting the social and emotional well-being of children 0-8. The Thrive Initiative will develop a community-wide intervention, using the Mothers and Babies Course, to prevent and reduce Perinatal Mood and/or Anxiety Disorders in mothers, therefore improving infant social emotional development. Northland Foundation’s Mothers and Babies Pilot Project will facilitate training for 50-60 providers representing a cross-section of health and human services in Northeastern Minnesota who will deliver the Mothers and Babies Course to 200-250 perinatal women. As part of the project, a Professional Learning Community will be developed to promote information sharing and networking aimed at better serving expectant and new mothers with infants to foster positive health outcomes. Anticipated outcomes include:  Increased knowledge and skills among, mental health practitioners, public health professionals, and others to apply current research and relationship-based practice to support better outcomes for expectant and/or new mothers with mood disorders and/or depression.  Increased utilization of the Mothers and Babies Course, an evidenced-informed, relationship-based prevention and early intervention program, designed to enhance attachment security between mothers and infants as well as to manage mood and stress.  Enhanced continuum of care by fostering collaborative relationships across sectors to promote and support infant and early childhood mental health—the healthy social and emotional development of young children.
Effective start/end date11/1/168/31/17


  • Northland Foundation (Agreement 1/11/17)


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