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N3 is still in its infancy, having only recently completed its first year. During its inaugural year: (1) N3 launched three new funded projects and, roughly, three major unfunded projects; (2) recruited, hired, and trained four full-time staff members and more than twelve students; and (3) contributed in several significant ways to the social and political landscapes of gun violence prevention efforts in Chicago through involvement with a series of non-profits, foundations, and governmental agencies. If approved, this grant would allow N3 to further develop its key infrastructure, support pilot projects and outreach efforts, and sustain currently unfunded projects as N3 works to secure additional resources. As described above, one of N3's stated goals is to build a more engaged approach to conducting research and evaluation with community partners. Given the history of research in disadvantaged communities, such an approach requires tremendous effort to build trust and relationships throughout each phase of the research project. During its first year, N3's director and staff participated in dozens of meetings, committees, and initiatives across the City of Chicago that required pro-bono contributions of time, staff, and equipment. These investments were essential to N3 developing a practice of community-engaged research, but are not readily covered by existing grant funding. In addition, N3 is involved in two major efforts that are currently not supported by any funding source: (1) supporting formal and informal efforts to develop the Mayor's Office for Violence Prevention, including sitting on several subcommittees, attending regular meetings, and generating reports; and (2) launching a major study on police misconduct in Chicago.
Effective start/end date12/1/192/28/21


  • Robert R. McCormick Tribune Foundation (Agmt. 11/19/2019)


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