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As mentioned above, although our stratefic planning process is not yet complete, the process has already helped us identify gaps in N3's infrastructure. N3 is still a young organization, but demand for our work has increased significantly and we quickly enhanced our research infrastructure to try to meet demand. For example, N3 expanded its diverse and multifaceted team with the hiring of N3's inaugural executive director in May 2020 and recruiting, hiring, and training 4 additional staff members to build out N3's data and project management teams in the summer and fall of 2020. Four out of the five new team members are members of underrepresented communities and all onboarded in a fully remote environment. Nevertheless, N3 must continue to expand to meet increased demand. In 2021, N3 intends to hire additional junior staff to support several ongoing research projects. In addition, as a result of initial strategic planning discussions, and N3's increased presence in public safety conversations locally and throughout the country, N3 recognizes the need to build its own communications infrastructure, which requires at a minimum strategic communications planning, media relations, and executive communications support. N3 continues to contribute in several significant ways to the the social and political landscapes of gun violence prevention efforts in Chicago through involvement with a series of non-profits, foundations, and governmental agencies. If approved, this grant would allow N3 the flexibility to begin to implement what we anticipate will be critical components of N3's stragetic plan as well as meet these key infrastructure needs.
Effective start/end date3/10/215/31/22


  • Robert R. McCormick Tribune Foundation (Agmt 3/24/21)


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