Northwestern Network and Neighborhood (N3) Initiative

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The Northwestern Neighborhood & Network Initiative, or N3 for short, is being developed under the leadership of Andrew Papachristos (Professor of Sociology and Faculty Fellow of Institute for Policy Research) as an incubator for new ways that faculty, experts, and students at Northwestern can engage communities, civic partners, and policy makers to address core problems facing the residents of Chicago, Evanston, and surrounding communities. Specific projects and types of engagement will be linked by a focus on how the social relationships among networks, geographic communities, and the constellation of related groups, organizations, and civic partners affect what we feel, think, and do—and how understanding, building, and leveraging this sort of network-thinking can improve neighborhoods, the city, and our region.
Effective start/end date11/27/1911/26/20


  • Anonymous Foundation (VI) (#9124.01)


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