Northwestern University Echocardiography Core Laboratory (NUECL): Strain Analysis for PRESERVED-HF

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The Northwestern University Echocardiography Core Laboratory (NUECL) will perform strain analysis for the PRESERVED-HF Study (Effects of Dapagliflozin on Biomarkers, Symptoms, and Functional Status in Patients with Type II Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes and PRESERVED Ejection Fraction Heart Failure). NUECL will perform strain analysis from echos sent to Mid-America Heart Institute in Kansas City core lab (MAHI CL) from participating study sites. NUECL will receive coded echocardiograms from MAHI CL via the secure Heart Imaging Technologies (IT) WebPAX system. No subject enrollment or study activities will occur under this project; therefore, informed consent will not be obtained. IRB pending- anticipate project being Exempt
Effective start/end date6/4/186/4/23


  • Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City (Agmt 6/4/18)


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