Novel approaches to measuring demand-side community perceptions and barriers to family planning via social network analysis

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NU will be responsible for developing an egocentric and cognitive egocentric network survey that will be administered in Ethiopia. The goal of the survey would be to identify to what extent an individual’s (ego’s) use of contraceptives is influenced (i) at the individual level by various demographics and personality characteristics, (ii) at the meso-level by the ego’s network contacts (or alters) – who influences them and how - as well as alters’ characteristics and their contacts with one another, and (iii) at the macro-level by community norms. NU will have primary responsibility for identifying the key concepts to be measured, identifying and/or developing scales to measure those concepts, and implementation of the survey using NetCanvas, a Microsoft Touch software tool available on GitHub to collect ego-centric network surveys. Contractor will visit Ethiopia to train the surveyors conducing the survey in the field as well as to train others who will train those conducting the survey in the field. He will also accompany a sample of surveyors in the field to observe them conducting the survey.
Effective start/end date2/2/172/28/19


  • George Washington University (17-M17 // OPP1135005)
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (17-M17 // OPP1135005)


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