Novel gastrocnemius muscle characteristics in peripheral artery disease patients associated with impaired functional performance

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As a co-investigator on the grant, (University of Kentucky, multiPI: Charlotte Peterson and Kate Kosmac), Dr. McDermott’s research team will ship frozen muscle biopsy samples from participants who have participated in either observational studies or randomized clinical trials in Chicago who consented to muscle biopsy. A large range of muscle morphological features will be analyzed using immunohistochemistry at the University of Kentucky on samples shipped from Chicago. Currently, approximately 200 baseline muscle biopsies from 8 different studies are stored at -80oC in Dr. McDermott’s biorepository at Northwestern University. Samples will be shipped on dry ice to University of Kentucky for analyses in year 1-2. Approximately 100 additional baseline biopsies will become available through completion of 4 additional clinical trials which will be shipped as they become available in years 3-5. The database on research subject clinical and functional characteristics will be maintained and managed at Northwestern University and de-identified data will be shared with investigators at University of Kentucky for statistical modeling. Statistical analyses and predictive modeling of muscle morphological data related to clinical and functional data will be done collaboratively by investigators and statisticians at both University of Kentucky and Northwestern University.
Effective start/end date1/1/2111/30/25


  • University of Kentucky (3200003801-21-236 AMD 3 // 5R01AG066724-04)
  • National Institute on Aging (3200003801-21-236 AMD 3 // 5R01AG066724-04)


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