Novel long-acting microbicide and contraceptive intrauterine system

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This project aims to make a long acting contraceptive and antiviral intrauterine device based on the design of the copper-t IUD and the Mirena levonorgestrel eluting IUD. We will be performing the design work on the project. We will evaluate the feasibility of incorporating the antiviral nucleoside reverse transcriptase compound TAF in silicone, ethylene vinyl acetate and polyurethane elastomer polymers. We will evaluate the stability of the drug in these devices, measure diffusion coefficients and develop quantitative models of drug release based on device design parameters. Then we will construct prototype devices base don these models and polymer data, then measure drug stability and TAF release rates. We will provide devices to the PI for testing in animal studies at other sites.
Effective start/end date4/4/143/31/18


  • Eastern Virginia Medical School (S1401812 // 121881//1R01AI112009-01)
  • National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (S1401812 // 121881//1R01AI112009-01)


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